34 Classic Films Showing At Valletta’s Beloved Retro Cinema This February

34 Classic Films Showing At Valletta’s Beloved Retro Cinema This February

34 classic films showing at vallettas beloved retro cinema this february - 34 Classic Films Showing At Valletta's Beloved Retro Cinema This February

February might be the shortest month of the year, but Valletta cinema Cinema Bar by Citylights didn’t hold back on stuffing it to the brim with fantastic movies this month.

After a couple of showings on the first days of the month, here are the 34 remaining films being shown, including some untrusting Valentine’s Day picks! And the best part? Entrance is absolutely free!

1. Bagdad Cafe

Tuesday 5th, 6pm

2. The Last Supper

Tuesday 5th, 9pm

3. Swimming With Sharks

Wednesday 6th, 6pm

4. Barry Lyndon

Wednesday 6th, 9pm

5. 12 Angry Men

Thursday 7th, 6pm

6. Badlands

Thursday 7th, 9pm

7. In Bruges

Friday 8th, 6pm

8. A Clockwork Orange

Friday 8th, 9pm

9. Café Society

Friday 8th, 9pm

10. Anastasia

Saturday 9th, 6pm

11. Eyes Wide Shut

Saturday 9th, 9pm

12. The Butterfly Effect

Saturday 9th, 9pm

13. The Fearless Vampire Killers

Saturday 9th, 11:59pm

14. Mary and Max

Sunday 10th, 6pm

15. Ex Machina

Sunday 10th, 9pm

16. Walking Life

Monday 11th, 6pm

17. Relatos Salvajes

Tuesday 12th, 6pm

18. Ronin

Tuesday 12th, 9pm

19. Oldboy

Wednesday 13th, 9:30pm

20. The Notebook

Thursday 14th, 3pm

21. Ghost

Thursday 14th, 6pm

22. Top Gun

Thursday 14th, 9pm

23. Casablanca

Thursday 14th, 9:30pm

24. Blue Velvet

Thursday 14th, 11:59pm

25. Belladonna of Sadness

Friday 15th, 6pm

26. Party Monster

Friday 15th, 11:59pm

27. Coraline

February 16th, 6pm

28. Chicago

Saturday 16th, 9pm

29. Wall-E

Sunday 17th, 6pm

30. A Prophet

Monday 18th, 9pm

31. I clowns

Tuesday 19th, 6pm

32. The Prestige

Friday 22nd, 9pm

33. Memento

Monday 25th, 9pm

34. Lolita

Thursday 28th, 9pm

Featured Image Original Photo by Andreas Moser from The Happy Hermit

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