8 Awesome Restaurants in Malta You Must Thai

8 Awesome Restaurants in Malta You Must Thai

8 awesome restaurants in malta you must thai - 8 Awesome Restaurants in Malta You Must Thai

We love Thai food. We love Thai food a lot! The fragrant aromas, the spices, the exotic flavours – what’s not to love? Thankfully, our island has got quite a lot to offer as far as these exotic flavours go.

In no particular order, here are the best places to go to for top notch Thai grub in Malta.

1. Tikka’s Street Food

San Ġwann

Tikka’s is hands down one of the best Thai joints on the island. It specialises in street food and it is a tiny take-away joint which seats only two if you want to eat in.

We can’t get enough of their deep-fried spicy chicken wings, the Tom Yam soup and their spicy seafood salad which is so generous in portion (featuring a mountain of prawns. huge fleshy mussels and squid).

Spicy lovers will love this place; spicy actually means spicy!

2. Good Thaimes


The infamous Thai kitchen at this unexpecting pub re-opened its doors in October. Choose from your fave Thai dishes such as green or red Thai curries, fried rices, soups and much more.

All the grub are bursting with Thai flavours, so you can def expect to have a ‘good thaime’!

3. Natcha’s snack bar & Thai food

Santa Venera

This small snack bar does Thai food, and boy does it do it well.

Massaman curry, panang curry, pad bi grapow, Thai fried rice, Pad Thai noodles and more are what you can expect from the authentic AF menu!

4. Chang Thai

St Paul’s Bay

With 91 dishes on the menu you’re totally spoilt for choice!

Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself.

5. Benjawan Thai Cuisine


If you’re looking for real Thai food, then look no further and Thai this joint out.

Their menu is pretty large, so we guarantee there’ll be something for everyone.

6. Antonine Al Fresco


Grab some more than decent tasty Thai food on the 9th floor with beautiful views of Malta and Gozo.

Yes please!

7. Kuya Asian Pub

St Julian’s

This Asian pub not only excels in grub from all over Asia, but they’re Thai offering is really really good.

They certainly make a mean yellow Thai curry, Thai beef patties and Tom Kha soup!

8. Blue Elephant

St Julian’s

Blue Elephant is a gourmet Thai place that’s pretty romantic and great for date night. The setting is jungle like and as impressive as the food offering!

Check the menu out here.

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