8 Lies Every Maltese Person Tells That Nobody Believes

8 Lies Every Maltese Person Tells That Nobody Believes

8 lies every maltese person tells that nobody believes - 8 Lies Every Maltese Person Tells That Nobody Believes

We all tell lies. Sometimes it’s for a good cause, and other times it’s to wriggle ourselves out of a social situation we really don’t want to engage in.

Whatever the reason is, here are eight lies every Maltese person tells that nobody believes.

1. “Tonight I’m having a quiet night in ta’

Everyone at some point or another told this infamous lie. We honestly can’t believe that people still accept it. Do you honestly believe that we will stay in tonight? We just don’t feel like hanging out with you.

2. “It was already broken”

This is probably the most popular one. We try to avoid taking the blame, so we just claim that it was already broken when we touched it.

If we can get away with it, we even fake-fix the object in question hurriedly in order to make it look like it’s perfectly fine.

Go on; admit that you did this at least twice this past month.

3. “Le ta, I only had four drinks”

No matter how many tequila shots you downed and how many pitchers you chugged last night, not even how hard you threw up.

You will always solemnly swear that you didn’t drink much and kept a classy front.

4. “I didn’t get drunk, but the food I ate made me feel sick”

Yes sure, you’re definitely not throwing up because you got passed-out drunk last night.

This excuse is mostly told by drunk parents to their children. However we do know a handful of teens who use it on their unsuspecting parents repeatedly.

5. “Of course I never did that ajma

Smoking weed, drinking, having sex, skipping classes, stealing, gossiping, lying, tasting dog food… you name it.

This is one of the most popular lies ever with Maltese people.

6. “I barely ate anything today”

Sure, maybe you did not actually sit down to have a proper meal, but those five pakketti, two pastizzi, three kinder buenos and one banana still count as food, Brenda.

7. “I didn’t have time to do it ta’

Oh shut up.

You didn’t have time doing that task because you spent a large chunk of your day procrastrinating, looking at The Salott and playing with your phone.

It’s OK, there’s no need to lie about how lazy you are, we’re just like you.

8. “It was so nice seeing you!”

This behemoth-sized lie is generally reserved for people you meet when you’re out on a shopping trip. Whether you’re mid-pants fitting in a changing room or picking up a carton of milk at the grocer’s, you really don’t want to see anyone you know.

Bumping into acquaintances is seldom fun.

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