Adrian Delia insists he will “persevere” in 2019

The image uploaded by Dr Delia to accompany the Facebook post.

Updated 3.10pm with Briguglio post

Embattled Nationalist leader Adrian Delia insisted on Friday he will not be standing down, and said he forgives those who “hurt and abused” his dearest.

In a prayer-like post on Facebook, the Opposition leader, who has been facing calls to resign or suspend himself amid claims of domestic abuse, also called out those who attacked him from within the party folds.

“To all those who never stop attacking from outside and in, thank you for building me into an ever vigilant and stronger fighter… To those who have betrayed loyalty you have shown me where it really lies and discovered it’s true worth,” his post reads.

“To all those who have tried to humiliate me you have thought me self respect;
To all those who seek to distract me you have sharpened my focus; To all those constantly provoking you have granted me the gift of restraint; To those who have betrayed loyalty you have shown me where it really lies and discovered it’s true worth.”

The PN appears split after the domestic abuse allegations targeting Dr Delia were spread on social media, with some insiders dismissing the claims and others insisting he should step aside to protect the party, his family and himself.

Referring to all those who had hoped he would not make it to the new year as the PN leader, Dr Delia said they will witness perseverance throughout 2019.

Dr Delia’s post follows a similar one by Pierre Portelli, who is often credited with having piloted the leader’s campaign.

The former editorial director of The Malta Independent and now head of the PN media said in a Facebook post that despite claims being made against Dr Delia in view of his marital problems, he still had the same confidence in him as the day he decided to back him.

Similar support was echoed by the PN general council president Kristy Debono who described the leaks of a very private matter as an “all-time low”.

Meanwhile on Friday, the Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations insisted that domestic violence reflected the dominant patriarchal culture prevalent in Malta, which had, unfortunately, been normalised in many ways.

Michael Briguglio also added his voice, saying that these issues should be discussed within the party’s structure.

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