APS Suspends Banking Services In Light Of BOV Cyberattack As Precautionary Measure

Photo: APS Bank

APS Bank has announced it has suspended some of its services, including ATMs, in light of today’s cyberattack on Bank of Valletta.

“Following today’s news of a cyber-attack on Bank of Valletta, APS Bank would like to reassure its customers that the integrity of their accounts is protected and that their deposits are safe,” APS said in a statement. “We have nevertheless decided, as precautionary measures, to suspend some of our services (ATMs, cards related transactions and payments from and to Bank of Valletta). We are also extending our cooperation and support to Bank of Valletta.”

“Any queries may be directed to our call centre on 21226644. We will keep you informed of any developments. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.”

Earlier today, BOV suspended all of its services after it was informed by the Security Services that it had fallen victim to a cyberattack. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said around €13 million had been transferred out of the bank via false international transactions that were intended for the UK, the USA, the Czech Republic and Hong Kong.

The bank realised there was a problem at the start of the business day during the daily reconciliation exercise of international transactions. Shortly afterwards, the Security Services confirmed with the bank that it had been the victim of “an extremely elaborate” cyberattack.

Within half an hour, BOV asked its correspondent banks in the four aforementioned countries to block the transactions and to reverse any payments that could have already been carried out.

The bank has assured clients that no deposits have been compromised as a result of this hack.

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