Archbishop Pleads To EU To Fix The Migrant Crisis After Visiting An Impounded Rescue Ship In Malta

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Archbishop Charles Scicluna appealed to the European Union asking them to act urgently to find a way to rescue the 49 migrants that have been stuck at sea for days (and still waiting for the ports to accept them).

The plea came after a visit to the MV migrant rescue ship (operated by NGO Mission Lifeline) which was seized in Malta seven months ago.

Scicluna said: “Human life is priceless and the negotiations can never come at the expense of people who are suffering”.

He made his opinion clear about the need to end the migrant crisis once and for all and to put a stop to the injustices these migrants are facing each day.

Scicluna met with Mission Lifeline and discussed with them the situation in Libya, international law, the work of the association and the current situation of 49 persons seeking asylum.

They agreed that the migrants are vulnerable and inhumanely being kept from entering Europe at the same time that Europe is ignoring its maritime and humanitarian obligations.

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