‘Black material’ in Balluta bay caused by third-party, WSC says

‘Black material’ in Balluta bay caused by third-party, WSC says

The black material that marred Balluta Bay in less than a day after it was inaugurated was storm water culvert residue from third party deposits, the Water Services Corporation said.

The steps of the bay turned black in what was initially believe to be tar poured over by vandals.

However, the material was found to be storm water culvert residue that had built up over time, a spokesman for the Water Services Corporation said.

He said the corporation would undertake preventive maintenance on the network in the area as a precautionary measure.

The 20-metre sandy beach was inaugurated by Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi on Saturday following the clearance of large barges after days of work.

The new sandy bay is equipped with life guards, showers, a beach supervisor and recycling bins.

Over the years, residents expressed their wish to see Balluta Bay embellished, and plans to increase it in size date back years.

In 2010, Times of Malta had reported that the bay could be brought back to life and increased in size according to plans drafted by the St Julian’s council.

The minister said on Saturday the bay is not permanent and other interventions will be needed in future because of the sea currents.

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