Casa to file police report against Facebook commenter and finance minister; PL reacts

Casa to file police report against Facebook commenter and finance minister; PL reacts

The ongoing war of words between Nationalist MEP David Casa and Finance Miniter Edward Scicluna was notched up considerably on Thursday when Casa accused Scicluna of “endorsing a call” for him “to be put to death”.

“The Minister engineered hate speech against me and then endorsed it,” Casa said Thursday.

Following weeks of criticism over his handling of Pilatus Bank and the performance of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit and the Malta Financial Services Authority, for which he is politically responsible, Casa yesterday accused Scicluna of taking to Facebook “to repeat the Labour Party’s preferred narrative and accuse MEP David Casa of working against Malta”.


Casa stated, “The beleaguered Edward Scicluna, in an effort to divert attention from his miserable failure in the handling of the Pilatus Bank fiasco pinned an attack on me to the top of his Facebook page.

“This generated numerous hateful posts from his supporters, one of which called for my hanging, which the Minister endorsed. This has crossed the line. It is outrageous, dangerous and criminal. The call for my death has been on Edward Scicluna’s Facebook page for over 15 hours. Inciting hatred and violence is a crime that has no place in our society.

“I will be filing a police report against the person that posted the threat and the minister who endorsed it.”

A screenshot image of Scicluna’s Facebook page shows the minister, or whoever is responsible for administering his Facebook page, as having given the threatening comment a ‘Like’.

The ‘like’ was later removed (below).

casa to file police report against facebook commenter and finance minister pl reacts 2 - Casa to file police report against Facebook commenter and finance minister; PL reacts

“Edward Scicluna allowed himself to become part of a concerted effort to silence anyone that that stands for justice and accountability. His continued stewardship of Malta’s finances constitutes a serious threat to the financial sector and the many livelihoods that depend on it.”

PL statement

Reacting, the Labour Party said: “David Casa is desperate because he is constantly losing support within the Nationalist Party and therefore fears losing his seat in Brussels. That is why he is busy playing the victim.”

The PL said Casa “wants the people to believe that Professor Edward Scicluna wants him dead.”

This is nothing but another hilarious invention, it said.

“Had Casa not been one of the devious minds behind the Egrant saga, nobody would have believed he is capable of coming up with such a statement. However, we are now fully aware that Casa and his colleagues will stop at nothing to gain power.”


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