Discuss the EU Roadmap on Climate Change this Thursday in Gozo

Discuss the EU Roadmap on Climate Change this Thursday in Gozo

car boot sales 5/5 - Marsalforn 12/5 - Victoria 26/5 - VictoriaBased on freshly released statistics, climate change and protection of the environment have shot up to second place in Maltese people’s concerns in the context of the upcoming European elections on th 25th of May.

With this in mind, environmental experts from the Maltese Islands and EU policy experts from the European Parliament and Commission will discuss this with the public, during a meeting taking place on Thursday.

The event is co-organised by the European Parliament Office in Malta and the Gozo NGOs Association as part of the EP’s This Time I’m Voting campaign.

There will be “a razor-sharp focus” on this all-encompassing issue that is severely affecting the environment on the local, European and international levels.

Taking part will be EU policy experts Baptiste Chatain, European Parliament Environmental Policies Specialist and Kathiana Ghio, European Commission, Environment Commissioner Deputy Head of Cabinet, together with Mark Sultana, BirdLife Malta Executive President. Malta Climate Change Ambassador Simone Borg will participate via video message. Times journalist Ivan Martin will moderate.

Some of the questions covered will be, What is the EU doing to combat climate change? How will policies impact Malta and how does Malta impact policies?

They will also be talking about “the next few years’ plans, targets and platforms aiming to bring about the lifestyle, economic and social transformation we need to hand down a healthy, livable planet to future generations.”

The European Parliament Office in Malta explained that when asked which topics should be discussed as a matter of priority during the electoral campaign for the European Parliament elections, Maltese people still cite immigration as topping their agenda (72%), but 50% of respondents (up from 39%) said that combating climate change and protecting the environment is their major concern.

It pointed out that this is even higher than the EU average, 43% (up from 40%). This rise of 1 pp in Maltese respondents is the 3rd highest in the EU.

In an October 2018 Special Eurobarometer on Climate Change, the Maltese topped the EU charts in their belief that climate change is entirely due to human activity (58%). The EU average stood at 42%.

The EU Roadmap on Climate Change will be discussed with the public this Thursday, the 16th of May, starting at 6.00pm at the Grand Hotel in Mgarr, Gozo’

The public is invited to register their attendance at at: https://malta.diddarbasenivvota.eu/events

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