Dutch woman killed: Alleged murderer ‘freaked out’ after argument with victim, court told

Dutch woman killed: Alleged murderer ‘freaked out’ after argument with victim, court told

Shannon Mak had been at a company activity at Armier with the man accused of killing her just hours before her brutal murder, a court has heard today.

Magistrate Simone Grech heard a number of witnesses testify as the compilation of evidence against Jelle Rijpma continued today. Rijpma, a gaming company employee, is accused of cutting the throat of his ex- girlfriend, Mak, earlier this month.


The pair had split up some two weeks prior, but were seen in each other’s company in the hours before the murder, with Mak giving Rijpma a lift home. Police believe the two argued outside his apartment in Triq l-Istampaturi before Mak was killed. Mak’s body was found a short distance away in Triq il-Mastrudaxxi.

Inspector Robert Vella told the court that a neighbour had found the body whilst taking out the garbage at 6am, seeing what he initially thought was a drunk person lying in the street. It was Mak.

Another man had called the police to report that a blood-drenched knife and a mobile phone were found in his veranda.

The deceased was found wearing an Evolution Gaming tag. Police found that a staff party had been held at a beach the night before the murder.

dutch woman killed alleged murderer freaked out after argument with victim court told 2 - Dutch woman killed: Alleged murderer ‘freaked out’ after argument with victim, court told

She was later identified as Shannon Mak (above), who had been in Malta for 2 years, working at Evolution Gaming.

Mak had been in a relationship with Rijpma who worked at the same company, the court was told.

Her vehicle was found a few metres from scene of crime. The accused lived a few metres away too, in a nearby apartment.

Inspector Vella said that when questioned, Rijpma had said that he “freaked out” after an argument with her.

There was CCTV footage of the accused running, knife in hand, down the street and throwing the murder weapon in nearby veranda.

For his second statement to police, Rijpma was assisted by a lawyer. He had said that he had seen Mak at the party and that she had driven him back to his residence. However, when asked about what happened to her and how she was murdered, he refused to answer questions, the inspector said.

A similar account was given by police inspector Kurt Zahra, also prosecuting. He explained that the victim had been found lying between a car and a wall.

Rijpma is denying charges of murder and carrying a knife in public without the permission of the Commissioner of Police.

The compilation of evidence continues on September 25.

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