€10 A Day: Maltese Couple Win At Life As They Travel The World On Strict Budget For 14 Months Straight

€10 A Day: Maltese Couple Win At Life As They Travel The World On Strict Budget For 14 Months Straight

e10 a day maltese couple win at life as they travel the world on strict budget for 14 months straight - €10 A Day: Maltese Couple Win At Life As They Travel The World On Strict Budget For 14 Months Straight

Over a year ago, Sarah and Shaun left Malta to travel the globe, and they haven’t looked back since.

Travelling the world for the last 14 months, the pair went to rare destinations like Bangladesh, Oman and everywhere in between. However, travelling for so long requires some serious cash flow… or, alternatively, some serious budgeting.

That’s where Sarah and Shaun, who are behind WhereTo360, really excel – they’ve been living on just €10 a day, setting themselves a challenge to not go over the limit.

Forcing themselves to become creative and figure out how to save money, the Maltese couple seemed to have figured out the secret to non-stop, glorious cheap travel.

“We decided to go with this challenge firstly and honestly because we are not rich and wouldn’t afford to travel for so long otherwise,” Sarah told Lovin Malta

“Secondly we want to show that you don’t need a lot of money to truly enjoy life, and that long term travelling is definitely not just for rich people. We believe that on short holidays you cannot truly experience a culture as the focus would be sight seeing. In our case, we wanted to learn how locals live in each place and live like them as much as possible.”

Travelling far and wide on a budget puts you into some very memorable situations

“One time we were going for a trek in a remote village in Myanmar, and soon realised there was no type of accommodation or anyone that speaks English,” said Sarah. “We had to knock on a door and use sign language to convince a family to let us sleep on the floor in their very basic house (just one room!) with a huge family.”

Sign language may be universal, but even that wasn’t enough sometimes.

“Another time was when we spent one whole month hitchhiking in Taiwan where everyone just speaks Chinese. Even sign language and Google translate didn’t help much and we often ended up in the wrong places!”

And other times, people’s kindness can be communicated in the strangest forms.

“When we were in Hong Kong we contacted a guy online who agreed to host us. When we met, he said we can sleep on the floor at his office as long as we hide our things and leave before his colleagues arrived for work in the morning,” laughed Sarah.

Sarah and Shaun have even given some awesome insider advice into how to travel on a budget

1. Choose experiences over comfort

“If you are ready to sleep in a tent, at an airport or on someone’s couch, you can always have money for doing something memorable.”

2. Always follow the locals

“If it’s transport, take the local bus or lowest class trains; for food the best places are full of locals with no English menu and guesthouses that are not available online are often the best deal. Don’t forget to haggle.”

3. Know what you should pay.

“Being a tourist makes you more vulnerable to being cheated. Make sure you know what is a fair price by doing your research and asking around.”

4. Travel light

“Having a hand luggage sized backpack saves you so much money from checked baggage. A big bag also means you have to pay for a taxi instead of walking around or getting on that crowded bus.”

5. And embrace the lifestyle

“We want everyone to know that long term travel is a lifestyle which comes with it’s own challenges and daily emotions and being prepared for anything is one of the best things you should have on your packing list. It’s far from a normal holiday but we wouldn’t change it for anything.”

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