Erotic Cravings – Collective exhibition opening at Arthall, Gozo

Erotic Cravings – Collective exhibition opening at Arthall, Gozo

Erotic Cravings - Collective exhibition opening at Arthall, GozoArthall is getting ready to present its next event – Erotic Cravings – a collective exhibition by three artists, resident in Gozo: Penny Foster, Mark Xuereb and Tomas Hed.

The gallery said that the show will “awaken your most sensual sides; presenting beauty as a craving that even the gods want to posses.”

Penny Foster will display a group of black and white nude paintings; Tomas Hed will focus on painting the mythological part; and the sculptor Mark Xuereb will put the cherry on the cake with his original and fun approach on the subject.

Penny Foster presents a group of black and white nudes. The light shimmers across their forms; one light from above, almost as if she is in a spotlight. Even though it’s a nude, it becomes like a veiled and suggestive beauty, thanks to the sensuality of the darkness, surrounding with delicacy the female figure.

Tomas Hed participates with one master piece: a reinterpretation of a classical mythological theme “Leda and the Swan.” It’s a festival for the senses and the imagination to perceive the joy of the act of love between Zeus, transformed into a swan, and Leda craving for his divine touch.

And, local artist, Mark Xuereb presents three sculptures which further explore the theme of anatomy and the feelings associated with the body.

Continuing on his exploration of therianthrope beings (half human half animal), the human figure is merged with inanimate objects (in this case boats) to create a new life form. The boats are made of different materials (ceramics, wood and metal) to mirror the different personalities and characteristics of each individual being.

Also each sculpture has a different pose mirroring these personalities. The legs are made of painted carbon fibre, showing anatomic details which give life to the boat above.

Erotic Cravings opens on Friday the 8th of March until Sunday, the 7th of April, at Arthall: 8, triq Agius de Soldanis, Victoria, Gozo.

Opening times are: Monday/Tuesday: closed, Wednesday/ Thursday/Friday/Saturday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-6pm and Sunday: 10am-12pm.

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