First year IES students take part in orienteering exercise in Gozo

First year IES students take part in orienteering exercise in GozoFirst year students for the University of Malta Institute of Earth Systems (IES) recently commenced their orienteering exercise at the Gozo Campus.

The Institute explained that this annual field exercise consists of splitting the entire class into five working groups, each with a unique set of coordinates and relevant maps.

These groups were then dropped off at different locations, however they all have a common destination. The aim is to test their map-reading and observation skills.

The students were briefed at the Gozo University Campus by IES academic and technical staff.

The IES was established in May 2010, effectively merging the former International Environment Institute (IEI) and the Institute of Agriculture (IoA) into a single entity.

The Institute said that it works towards the goal of learning to manage Earth Systems in a way that “safeguards the integrity of the planet whilst meeting the needs of people.”

It adopts a “holistic and interdisciplinary approach” to the study of the planet, considering issues of environmental change within the broad framework of sustainability.

Photo: University of Malta

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