Joseph Buttigieg, a gay PL candidate for the Qala local council, has shared an anonymous letter he received by mail, in which he is mocked for his sexual orientation and university education.

The letter, which is written in the Gozitan dialect, starts by insulting Buttigieg as a pufta hardcore Labour supporter.

“Why didn’t you stay in your Malta instead of coming here, thinking you can become our mayor?” it reads. “You think you’re somebody just because you went to school? Fuck those bloody Laburisti you form a part of. Now you want to be a Laburist when everyone’s a Laburist? I yearn for all of your deaths, you pieces of shit.”

Buttigieg was born in Qala but moved to Malta to pursue his studies and eventually read for a Masters in Arts and Culture at the University of Manchester. He works as the head of customer care at the parliamentary secretariat for agriculture, fisheries and animal rights and will be contesting the Qala council election for the first time this month.

“All the choices I’ve made in life have been carried out with courage and conviction, and my decision to contest the Qala local council has led to several positive experiences,” Buttigieg said. “Anonymous letters like this won’t get me down. [Prime Minister] Joseph Muscat stood firm when people lied about him, his children and his family, and I will do the same.”

He becomes the second Buttigieg to face a political attack today, after Maltese-American candidate presidential Pete Buttigieg had his surname mocked by none other than Donald Trump.

Cover photo: Joseph Buttigieg (Facebook)

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