Gharb delegation in Brussels for the Brussels Flower Carpet

A delegation from Gharb led by Mayor David Apap, is currently in Brussels to take part in the Brussels Flower Carpet, which takes place from the 16th to the 19th of August.

Gharb delegation in Brussels for the Brussels Flower CarpetThe delegation visited the Minister for Gozo Dr Justyne Caruana before they departed, who remarked that Gozo will now be at the heart of Brussels. They presented the Minister with a framed copy of the design they will be working on, which is a scene showing the Gozo Cittadella.

This years Brussels Flower Carpet on the Grand-Place – a UNESCO World Heritage site – is devoted to Guanajuato, a Mexican region with an exceptionally rich culture and flower tradition.

Taking place every 2 years, the Grand-Place in Brussels will be covered with a flower carpet of 1,800 m2 of begonias, dahlias, grass and bark, with over 500,000 flowers. A hundred volunteers assembled the carpet in less than eight hours.

A live webcam of the Grand Place and Flower Carpet is available here.

The first Flower Carpet of Brussels was created in 1971 and has been a showstopper every two years on the Grand-Place since 1986.

Photograph: MGOZ/Terry Camilleri

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