Giochi – it’s a knockout summer games 2018 get underway at Xaghra

Giochi – it’s a knockout games kicked off the 2018 summer season on a high note on Thursday at Xaghra.

The first set in the programme of events for the festa of Marija Bambina got underway with lots of fun and laughter in the Giochi games.

The picturesque village square was turned in to an exciting arena featuring games, singers, dancers and much more, providing plenty of entertainment for the large audience of locals and tourists who turned out to support the teams.Giochi - it's a knockout summer games get underway at XaghraThere was a great atmosphere with the 3 teams fighting it out for every point in a very sportive manner.

As well as the games, singers and dancers, the audience participated in a karaoke night and a tug of war competition.

The participating teams were composed from different entities of Xaghra with youths, footballers, and seniors taking part in the games. A new set of water games were introduced for this edition, providing plenty of laughter.Giochi - it's a knockout summer games get underway at XaghraThe organisers thanked the Xaghra local Council, especially the Mayor Mr Joe Cordina, for helping to make the evening possible and such a great success.

The winning team was the Black Worms with 25 pts, followed by the Red Devils 24 pts and the Blue Warriors with 20 pts. The teams were close till the very end as indicated by the results.

The winning team was presented with a trophy together with medals to all participants.

The organisers thanked the sponsors for the events – namely the Xaghra Local Council together with TcTc, Arkadia, Gozo Express and Errea.

Photographs by Alain Salvary

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