Government is “unreliable and does not care about Gozo” – PN

Government is “unreliable and does not care about Gozo” – PN

Government is "unreliable and does not care about Gozo" - PNThe Nationalist Party has said in a statement that the Government and the Socialist Party, “are unreliable and do not care about Gozo.”

It added that the Opposition and the Nationalist Party have always been “consistent on the principle of strengthening Gozo’s connectivity.”

“The Opposition wants that Gozo’s interest is ensured in the best interest of Gozo and Gozitans, environmental sustainability and good governance,” stated PN.

It went on to say that the Opposition never gave “carte blanche to the Socialist government. The Opposition did not give any mandate to Muscat to do what he wants without considering the studies and consultation.”

PN also stated that “in Parliament, the opposition put forward amendments to the government motion on the connectivity of the islands and asked that studies be published, such as Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Impact Assessment.”

The PN insisted that before any decision is made final that all technical studies should be published as well as those in connection with the geological and social environment.

It argued that, “we must ensure that this project will offer more advantages than disadvantages.” Adding that it has also “demanded a serious public consultation process before a final decision.”

“Gozo needs serious investment in connectivity. After six years we expect a fast ferry service. The Socialist government promised this service prior to the 2013 election and nothing has been done,” the PN said.

It insisted on “ensuring the health and safety of passengers, that things are done properly and this service comes in the shortest possible time.”

The PN concluded by saying that “Gozitans and Maltese have been waiting over a year for a fourth ship. This is a government that does not care about Gozo.”

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