Gozo Climate Action Fun Walk to help raise awareness on climate change

Gozo Climate Action Fun Walk to help raise awareness on climate changeClimate Change and how this affects the whole world, from the tropics to the poles is the focus of the Eco-Schools Committee at Gozo College Middle School.

Through a whole school approach, the students will have the opportunity to learn how humans are contributing to climate change and what action can be taken to solve this problem.

A Climate Action Fun Walk is being organised as part of this project in order to help raise awareness on climate change, which is being supported by President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca

The Committee said that another aim of the walk is to encourage action focused on a number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) mainly Climate Action, Clean Water and Sanitation.

Walk! It’s Carbon Neutral! is the slogan and a donation of €2 will be collected as a participation fee.

The Eco-Schools Committee said that this is a fun way to reduce greenhouse gases and increase awareness about climate change and the need for action, so please join them on the day and help make a difference, and support a worthy cause.

Funds collected from this walk will be given to the Malta Community Chest Fund and AKVO organisation (to build water pumps in third world countries). All participants will be given an innovative sustainable gift, the school said.

The Climate Action Fun Walk is on Tuesday, the 19th of March, leaving at 1.30pm from the Gozo College Middle School in Victoria.

Route details are shown on the map above. Information about the event can be found on the school facebook page, or by calling 21556189.

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