Gozo Live and Gozo College launch Award Writing Competition 2019

Gozo Live and Gozo College launch Award Writing Competition 2019

Gozo Live and Gozo College launch Award Writing Competition 2019The new award writing event for 2019 has been announced by Gozo Live and Gozo College. This is a creative writing award competition and all students in Gozo are being invited to take part.

The organisers said that as this competition is sponsored by the English Department at Gozo College all entries should please be written in English.

There are two themes for this competition and students can choose which they would like to use. One is The Most Important Teacher in my Life and the other is A Funny Story or Event.

The organisers said that entries can be made on either of these two themes, and should be in the form of short stories, poems, plays or essays.

This is a `creative’ writing competition and students are “urged to think very widely on the themes.” The organisers suggested that teachers, parents and students may like to brainstorm the themes to come up with original ideas.

“The Most Important Teacher in my Life – may be a school teacher but it could be anyone (or even anything else). For instance a parent, grandparent, sibling, possibly even a pet, or an event such as a holiday.”

The organisers are said that “what they want to understand from your writing is why is this so important to you and what you learned. You can write this as an essay or poem or even make it into a story or play. Use imagination.”

“The Funny Story – can be on any subject and can be a story or poem or an essay on an actual event, but again use your imagination to make the judges laugh.”

The length of the work is open, however the organisers said that students are encouraged to write originally and creatively. “Plagiarism will result in the student being disqualified. Do not copy something from the internet. Students may choose to illustrate their entries but this is not essential – it is your writing we are interested in.”

The work may be produced by one student or a small group may decide to collaborate. “We want to see an imaginative, fresh approach to the way in which you handle the theme,” they said.

Generous prizes will be awarded to the winners and in addition there will be a prize for the best fantasy story submitted and a prize for the best poem. Closing date for entries is Monday, the 22nd of April.

For further information and the full rules please email on gozolive2018@gmail.com

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