Gozo minister tells ‘holier than thou’ Kristina Chetcuti to stop perpetrating hatred

Gozo minister tells ‘holier than thou’ Kristina Chetcuti to stop perpetrating hatred

Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana (right) has told the partner of former Opposition Leader Simon Busutill to stop perpetrating hatred.

She was responding, mother-to-mother, to what Kristina Chetcuti (left) wrote last Sunday about bullying, which the latter justified as part of the growing up process. Chetcuti was writing after the Prime Minister’s wife Michelle Muscat spoke in an interview about the way her children were treated at school. Commissioner for Children Pauline Miceli had also rebuked Chetcuti, saying that bullying can never be justified.


In her post on Facebook, Gozo Minister Caruana said that some people – with reference to Chetcuti – believe that having a different partisan opinion is licence to “attack indiscriminately all persons close to your target”.

This is Caruana’s full post:

Reading through Kristina Chetcuti’s piece (“On being a martyr”, Sunday Times of Malta, 5 August 2018), I couldn’t make myself believe that such an opinion can ever be inspired, let alone penned by any woman who has a faint idea of what being family really means. In my sense of judgement, both as a politician and more so as a mother, I did not allow myself to instantly write the kind of reply she would have deserved. It was hard to distinguish whether I was reading a personal opinion or a running commentary. Whatever the case, it proves that hate language is still a speciality for some, notwithstanding the trashing it had led them to until very recently.

Although wrapped in what appears to be a cultured lesson in parenting by some holier than thou, the spate of deep-rooted hate for the Prime Minister, his wife and their daughters transpires all along. It seems that for the writer, having a different partisan opinion is license to attack indiscriminately all persons close to your target. Some people know no boundaries of fairness and ethics when desperately assaulting the person and not his message – indeed his long list of successes which the country is so deservedly blessed with.

I happen to be the proud mother of two precious children, and contrary to Ms Chetcuti’s advice, I never hide my sense of belonging to my family, fully aware that all those who follow me know well that I take pride in being a mother and a people’s representative. Yes, together with my husband I do protect my children from the kind of bullying instigated by those who preach fairness and good governance whilst disseminating class or partisan hatred.

Ms Chetcuti happens to be the partner of former Leader of the Opposition (former or de facto?), and should have by now learned what chronic hatred built on certified lies lead to. I may give her the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps she cannot yet realise that an ever-increasing majority of kind-hearted and well-meaning Maltese and Gozitans do not only follow Joseph, but love him and his wife Michelle and their precious twins, Etoile Ella and Soleil Sophie. The irony is that opinions like the negative one penned by Ms Chetcuti can only reinforce the nation’s admiration for Joseph – the second-time Prime Minister and serial winner – and his family.

Such a running commentary carried on a Sunday paper does not only uncover lack of knowledge about real family matters, but stubbornly perpetrate further hatred for self destruction.

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