IN PHOTOS: Last Night’s ‘Super Snow Moon’ Over Malta Absolutely Slayed It!

IN PHOTOS: Last Night’s ‘Super Snow Moon’ Over Malta Absolutely Slayed It!

in photos last nights super snow moon over malta absolutely slayed it - IN PHOTOS: Last Night's 'Super Snow Moon' Over Malta Absolutely Slayed It!

Did you see last night’s Super Snow Moon last night? My God, it was huge and bright AF!

According to astronomy buffs, last night’s celestial event was the biggest and brightest moon of the year because of how close its orbit got to the Earth.

Anyway, just in case you were caught up indoors and didn’t get to take in the full majesty (or if you want to relive the whole thing over again), here are some impressive shots from people who managed to get it all on camera.

1. Such beauty, such grace…

It’s making our hearts race.

2. Shine bright like a diamond


3. We’d be that enthusiastic too under this moon!


4. Taken from Nadur, Gozo

Where the wolves at?

5. Clouds can’t ruin this view

The moon was just playing a game of hide and seek. We see you though, boo!

6. The moon sending some orange vibes

How bloody beautiful!

7. We’re not worthy!

We wish we could hold it!

8. Jaw-dropping

Worthy of a standing ovation.

9. Mother Nature is showing off now

Not that we’re complaining!

BONUS: This time-lapse caught the whole thing in an eerily beautiful clip

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