KNZ calls for Civic Education through consultative committee

KNZ calls for Civic Education through consultative committee

Kunsill Nazzjonali taz-Zghazagh (KNZ) has announced its intention to lobby the Maltese Government so that various methods are studied to give the necessary tools to citizens, especially youths, to critically evaluate Malta’s current affairs by means of democratic principles.

Speaking at a press conference this morning outside the Maltese Parliament, and on the eve of International Youth Day, KNZ President Michael Piccinino emphasised that this year’s theme – Safe Spaces – should be tackled through education.

“This is an opportunity for the competent authorities to endeavour to engage all stakeholders to discuss and propose new formal and non-formal components in the National Curriculum to address this current gap in our educational system through a consultative committee,” he said.

He added, “this committee would later transform itself into a monitoring committee to continuously evaluate the implementation of this initiative.”

He reminded that this process should also keep in mind the education of the general public, especially parents, to make sure that youths are less influenced by partisan elements.

Piccinino also remarked that KNZ is ready to take this matter forward through all democratic means possible due to the importance of the subject at hand.

“The past year was positive overall for youth in Malta through the adoption of Vote16, the lowering of the age of consent to the age of 16 and other legislative changes in the pipeline, namely a change in the Voluntary Organisations Act to allow 16 year olds to actively fully participate in Maltese democracy,” he said.

Piccinino concluded by saying that KNZ’s current work in this area includes a mid-term evaluation of the National Youth Policy (2015-2020) and the dissemination and effective implementation of the EU 2018 Youth Goals.

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