Malta loses eight places to fall to record low on corruption index

Malta has lost eight places on Transparency International’s annual corruption index, dropping to 54th place which is the worst ever result on this classification.

The country has gradually fallen 29 places since 2004, the first year in which Malta was included on the index.

Malta’s score has decreased by six points over the last three years, from 60 over 100 in 2015 to 54 over 100 in 2008.


Denmark, Finland and Sweden were the best performers in Europe with 88, 85 and 85 respectively.

Seven EU countries were worse placed than Malta – Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Greece and Bulgaria.

Malta has figured among the list of countries vetted by Transparency International since 2004, when it appeared in the 25th place, which it kept in 2005 and remains its best placing.

Since then, besides the 28th place obtained in 2006, Malta has been yo-yoing between the 33rd place in 2007 and the 47th placing in 2016, its worst placing ever before this year#s result.

In 2008, Malta was 36th, in 2009 45th, in 2010 37th, in 2011 39th, in 2012 43rd, in 2013 45th, in 2014 43rd, in 2015 37th, in 2016, 47th and in 2018 46th.

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