Maltese puma owner posts video of himself cuddling the wild cat

The man who owns the puma spotted on a Fgura roof earlier this week has posted two videos on his Facebook page, the first shows him relaxing with the wild cat, and the second appears to be a habitat he has built for it.

On Thursday, a video of the wild cat on a roof in Fgura sparked outrage on social media, and a neighbor had told The Malta Independent. That it has been on a residential roof in Fgura for at least two years.

The two video’s Etienne Gracey, the owner, posted on Facebook are accompanied by the following message: “I love you too my son, and bdw (sic) I bought this house all for you its just a birthday present xxx”


When asked if he has ever heard her cry, the neighbour said that every morning at sunrise the puma lets out a high-pitched, sharp noise, but immediately clarified it was not a cry of distress but a sound made by the animal.

The neighbour had confirmed the puma looks well-kept and healthy. He also said that it was never aggressive, as far as he knows.

It also transpired that the animal is registered with the authorities, a spokesperson for the Environment Ministry confirmed a few days ago, saying that the requirements laid down by regulations are met.

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