MEP Miriam Dalli to discuss the reduction of CO2 emissions by cars

MEP Miriam Dalli discussion on the reduction of CO2 emissions by carsA public information session with MEP Miriam Dalli, European Parliament Rapporteur is taking place this Friday on the reduction of CO2 emissions by cars.

The session is being hosted by the European Parliament in Valletta at Europe House, on Friday, the 11th of January, starting at 10am.

This discussion follows the successful outcome of negotiations, speared by the ambitious Dalli European Parliament report, which called for tougher emission reductions than those proposed by the Commission itself a year earlier.

The tough negotiations, which earned the MEP the title of “Eco-Warrior” in Politico magazine, came to an end on the 17th of December with an agreement to reduce emissions from cars by 37.5 percent by 2030.

The new law, as MEP Dalli explained means “that we will have cleaner cars on the roads, cleaner fuel, and cleaner technology.”

The discussion on Friday is expected to cover the impact on the car industry and an overview from an environmental and health point of view. The implementation of the new law and its expected effects in Malta will also feature.

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