No outright calls to quit made as Delia faces ‘onslaught’ by MPs

A Nationalist MP had words of praise for how Adrian Delia (above) handled the ‘onslaught’.

Opposition leader Adrian Delia faced an ‘onslaught’ during a “fiery” parliamentary group meeting on Monday evening but none of those present openly called for his resignation, Times of Malta was told.

A Nationalist MP who spoke to the newspaper on condition of anonymity had words of praise for how Dr Delia handled the ‘onslaught’ and allowed everyone to have their say during the meeting, which lasted about four-and-a-half hours, ending at 10.30pm.

“There was lots of criticism. People expressed their doubts about him. In my opinion, he provided convincing replies to all the matters raised…

“He is not my cup of tea. Before this meeting, I was 95% against him. After the meeting, I would say I am 60% against him,” the MP admitted.

He said there were no outright calls for Dr Delia to step down during the meeting although it was implied – “between the lines” – in the very nature of some of the questions put to him.

Before this meeting, I was 95% against him. After the meeting, I would say I am 60% against him

The meeting was characterised by the usual “suspects” on both sides of the pro- and anti-Delia divide vocally getting their points across, he added.

“Overall, I would say it was a useful meeting. It perhaps would have been better had it been held earlier to help clear the issues that arose over the Christmas period,” the MP continued.

Another MP, who also asked not to be identified, told Times of Malta Dr Delia was taken to task about his blaspheming in a leaked video and his “drunk appearance” at a charity event on January 1. The MP had words of praise for the Opposition leader’s candour, putting his happy appearance down to having been given access to his children after six weeks.

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Dr Delia is going through separation procedures with his estranged wife, who levelled domestic violence accusations against him in court last month. 

The woes facing the PN leader also involve tax issues and a police investigation on matters dating back years.

MPs were told by Dr Delia during the meeting that videos of him in a domestic setting doing the rounds had been “professionally edited”.

While the MP confirmed there were no direct calls for his resignation, he pointed out there was no statement by the parliamentary group reaffirming its confidence in the leader as had happened after a meeting of the party’s administrative council earlier this month.

Asked whether questions were raised about Dr Delia’s financial situation, the MP said there had only been reference to how a news website retracted a report claiming the Opposition leader was walking around with €500 notes in his pocket.

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