NT – FEE welcomes church commission statement on construction waste

NT – FEE welcomes church commission statement on construction waste

NT - FEE welcomes church commission statement on construction wasteToday’s statement by the Interdiocesan Environment Commission with regard to dumping of construction waste at sea, has been welcomed by Nature Trust FEE Malta

NT – FEE said that “as correctly stated, rubble waste is a pollutant generated by the construction industry. If this administration sincerely endorses what past administrations have been stating for these last 15 years, namely that they will apply the polluter pays principle, then in this case it should move to take action without further delay.”

The eNGO in its statement argued that “no one can use the excuse that construction activity is not a polluter; therefore, anyone connected with this activity needs to shoulder the responsibility and pay for the pollution generated, i.e. waste, dust particles etc.”

“Due to lack of adequate controls and rampant over-development, the construction industry is creating environmental and health problems which are also taking a toll on our economy, and a heavy one at that,” said NT – FEE.

NT – FEE Malta continued by saying that it also welcomes the announcement made by the Ministry for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change and the Malta Developers Association that an agreement has been reached that unused quarries will be utilised to take in this waste.

The eNGO also highlighted the fact that since a short term solution has been found, then the national authorities should immediately embark on planning a long-term strategy to address the issues of construction waste for the coming decades.

Furthermore, it added, “it is important that the same authorities who have been pressing for the three Rs in the waste sector should indeed apply the principles of Reduction, Reuse and Recycling rather than going for crisis management actions such as dumping at sea to hide their incompetence in solve a problem that has been with us for years.””

One now hopes that the suggested agreed strategy is implemented soon, so that the country will not be faced by a bigger crisis,” stated NT – FEE

“This is a grave situation and NT – FEE expects the authorities to think and plan holistically for once, and refrain from trying to take the easiest way out to the detriment of our marine environment, which is not only home to marine life but a source of income for the fishing, tourism and diving industry,” concluded the eNGO.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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