PD Condemns ‘Unethical And Inhumane’ Cabinet-Approved Solution To Pigeon Overpopulation

PD Condemns ‘Unethical And Inhumane’ Cabinet-Approved Solution To Pigeon Overpopulation

pd condemns unethical and inhumane cabinet approved solution to pigeon overpopulation - PD Condemns 'Unethical And Inhumane' Cabinet-Approved Solution To Pigeon Overpopulation

Trapping wild pigeons around Malta in large automated cages and feeding them foods that will result in their natural deaths has been approved by Cabinet, but many have raised concerns on the inhumanity of it all. Now, Partit Demokratiku have issued a statement on the strategy, condemning the latest decision.

Although PD said they agree the pigeon overpopulation is a problem and that controlling their increasing numbers can be extremely tough, they’ve also expressed the importance of having an ethical solution focusing on animal welfare.

Mark Zerafa, head of PD’s Animal Rights policy group, called the strategy ‘unethical’

“We would like to voice its concern that this method is unethical as it causes unnecessary suffering to these animals,” Zerafa said. “It is perturbing that no information about the lethal agent has been disclosed”.

“Other more humane methodologies are available,” Deputy Leader Timothy Alden added, going on to mention one such example: “utilising non-lethal substances that interfere with the birds’ reproductive processes.”

“Culling one local population will be a very short-term solution, as the lack of population pressure will cause pigeons from surrounding areas to quickly fill the void,” he continued. “Therefore, inhumane solutions are also short term.”

The Democratic Party have promised to issue policies to protect animal rights.

What do you make of these comments?

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