PN Executive President Mark Anthony Sammut Resigns In Wake Of Electoral Defeats
pn executive president mark anthony sammut resigns in wake of electoral defeats - PN Executive President Mark Anthony Sammut Resigns In Wake Of Electoral Defeats

The Nationalist Party’s Executive President Mark Anthony Sammut has resigned from the post after the party experienced two severe electoral drubbings in the space of a week.

Malta Today has reported that Sammut submitted his resignation to shoulder some responsibility for the losses.

The Executive Committee are due to meet today to discuss a number of pressings issues beyond the defeat, with the co-option for the vacated seat of David Stelli a key topic of discussion.

In what has become a running theme for the embattled party, its internal factions are all competing to ensure that the member of their circle gets the post.

With Delia facing even more pressure following the poor showing in both the MEP and local council elections, his inner circle are rumoured to pushing for Jean Pierre Debono, who gave his seat up so that Adrian Delia could enter parliament

Debono, a Delia-loyalist, has already put his name in contention.

However, a number of PN figures associated with the old guard and Simon Busuttil have suggested that Gozitan candidate Kevin Cutajar should take Stellini’s spot. Cutajar has said that he will put his name forward for the post.

In the hotly-contested district of Gozo, sources have also said that losing an MP could be a massive detriment come the next general election.

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