PN Files Constitutional Case To Demand Full Egrant Inquiry

PN Files Constitutional Case To Demand Full Egrant Inquiry

The Opposition has filed a Constitutional application asking to be given a copy of the full Egrant inquiry, of which only a 50-page summary has been published so far.

“For each day that passes, the Labour Party in government, has tools and information which the Opposition does not. This goes contrary to the freedom of expression which includes the right to information. It is creating political imbalance,” PN leader Adrian Delia said outside court.

Delia said PN also asked for the case to be heard with urgency in light of this daily imbalance which was giving an unfair advantage to the government.

Delia also called for caution in light of the police questioning of people like former financial investigator Jonathan Ferris and PN’s head of media Pierre Portelli, who Delia said had also been called in for questioning.

He said it was as yet unclear whether they were being investigated personally or being asked to assist in police investigations against others.

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