PN leader in talks with officials about his future

PN leader in talks with officials about his future

pn leader in talks with officials about his future - PN leader in talks with officials about his future

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Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia on Tuesday held talks with the heads of two top party organs about his future, amid growing pressure to resign over serious allegations against him.

Dr Delia met Mark Anthony Sammut, president of the executive committee, the second-highest decision-making body after the general council, and MP David Stellini, who heads the administrative council, which deals with issues of a disciplinary nature.

While both declined to comment on the outcome of the meeting, Mr Sammut remarked that he and Mr Stellini had shared their views “on what we believe should be done”.

He expressed the wish that the best decision in the interest of the party” be taken but would not elaborate.

Mr Sammut was the first top party official to publicly express concern about domestic violence allegations against Dr Delia that surfaced at Christmastime. The claims, levelled by Dr Delia’s wife during separation proceedings, ended in the public domain following a leak of court documents.

Executive committee president very worried

Mr Sammut had pronounced himself on the matter when asked for his reaction by The Sunday Times of Malta, saying Dr Delia’s situation would have to be tackled by the executive committee.

Prior to this controversy, The Sunday Times of Malta had also reported that the PN leader was being investigated on the strength of a report by the government anti-money-laundering agency in connection with a Soho prostitution racket. He denied any wrongdoing on his part.

While a defiant Dr Delia vowed to stay, branding the latest accusations part of a plan to oust him by exploiting private life” issues, Mr Sammut admitted he was very worried about the disturbing” claims.

Meanwhile, reports that Dr Delia could be facing calls to resign even from within his own parliamentary group continue to make the rounds. Though, so far, no MP has publicly declared losing confidence in the party leader, fewer than half the members of the parliamentary group have publicly pledged support on Facebook.

Moreover, party sources said that the stream of leaks emerging from the PN headquarters in the form of social media messages was taking its toll on Dr Delia’s staunch supporters, across all ranks.

Times of Malta reported on Tuesday that senior party officials were in shock after learning that Dr Delia had last August tried to strike a financial deal for the party, using the so-called ċedoli loan scheme. The information came to light following leaks from the PN leader’s mobile phone devices.

The PN reacted by issuing a statement in which members of the party’s finance team categorically denied having discussed party financial matters with the Times of Malta.

Every single member of the finance team reiterates full trust and unequivocal support to Adrian Delia and vouch for his integrity and transparency,” the statement said.

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