PN Leader Warns Against Filling Malta Up With Cars As He Says Island ‘Has Become An Industrial Estate’

Opposition leader Adrian Delia has warned that the government’s landmark road expansion project will only lead to more cars to on the street.

“[Prime Minister] Joseph Muscat had promised to remove the cancer factory [the Delimara power station] but he has actually turned Malta into an industrial estate, where pollution is increasing by the day,” Delia told a political rally in Żejtun. “While we can’t see this dirty air and might shrug it off, the number of cars are increasing in their thousands and 600 people are dying prematurely every year because of respiratory problems.”

“Now the government wants to bring in even more cars. It wants to spend €700 million on widening the roads so they can fit even more cars. It wants even more people, over and above the 60,000 who moved to Malta in the past five years, so that we can keep polluting more. We’re not creating a solution here; we’re only spending more and more money and making the problem worse.”

Delia also criticised the government for investing in Bulgarian solar farms, which it is doing as a consequence of falling short of Malta’s EU 2020 alternative energy targets.

“The government is using taxpayers’ money to build plants in Bulgaria as a consequence of having polluted our air, instead of actually investing in alternative energy in Malta and cleaning up our air,” he said. “Malta has sun, seas, waves and wind and the funds are available for us to become one of the first countries that run on clean energy, but the government doesn’t care about this,” he said. “We have the lowest alternative energy target in Europe and we still haven’t reached it.”

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