Prime Minister’s lawyer applies to again extend 18th century Valletta building

Prime Minister’s lawyer applies to again extend 18th century Valletta building

prime ministers lawyer applies to again extend 18th century valletta building - Prime Minister’s lawyer applies to again extend 18th century Valletta building

The Prime Minister’s lawyer Pawlu Lia has filed an application for an extension on an 18th century Valletta building.

The site is located within the limits to development and within the Urban Conservation Area of Valletta. It is located on the corner of Old Bakery street and Old Theatre Street.

Back in 2017, Lia had fined an application to extend  the third floor of the building in question, while also constructing a fourth floor and a setback floor above that. The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage had, in that application, said that the building proposed for development is an eighteenth century building of historical and architectural significance.


The Superintendence had said that the proposed extension will create a new building height on the streetscape overlooking Old Bakery Street. “This will create a blank third party wall which will affect negatively the existing views of the streetscape when seen along this road and encourage further vertical development in the immediate area.” It is unclear whether, by the end of that application, the Superintendence had proposed that the application be approved or not as the last documentation on this subject reads: “The Superintendence will be submitting additional comments to the Planning Authority once these discussions are concluded. Pending conclusion of discussions, this development application should be refused.” The Planning Authority approved the application, however an issue did crop up.

A request for reconsideration of a post-decision requirements set by the Planning Commission, imposing the applicant to submit clearance from the CRPD to the Planning Directorate, had been filed. This request however was dismissed, and the request “that the executable version of the development permission shall not be issued until such time that a clearance from the CRPD is submitted to the Planning Directorate shall stand,” documentation read. It is unclear whether this has now been solved.

However now, a new application has been filed by Lia to extend the topmost setback floor, over and above the application that was filed in 2017 and subsequently accepted.

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