Sant’s call for minimum wage increase across Europe supported by GWU

Sant's call for minimum wage increase across Europe supported by GWUAlfred Sant’s proposal to increase the Minimum Wage across Europe has found support from the GWU.

GWU Secretary General Josef Bugeja led the delegation, which included Victor Carachi, President and Kevin Camilleri, Deputy Secretary General of the GWU.

Their discussions covered the European challenges that lay ahead for Maltese and Gozitan workers.

The MEP said that both sides noted progress in the local manufacturing industries, notably Playmobile, Tolly, Crane, De La Rue who are increasing their economic activities in Malta.

They also discussed the tax harmonisation proposal across all EU member states.

Sant told the GWU delegation that “this proposal harms Malta’s interests. It goes against the interests of the financial sector and igaming sector in Malta.”

The proposal for a Federal Europe, was also opposed by Alfred Sant, which he said, is not in the interests of a small island state like Malta in the periphery of Europe.

“A federal Europe and a common EU army is not in Malta’s interests,” said the Maltese MEP.

The conditions of work of hundreds of foreign workers who are being imported to work in Malta, was cause for concern, they said. Both sides agreed to keep in touch on new challenges prevailing in Europe in the coming months and years.

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