School uniform consultation continues with parents and educators

School uniform consultation continues with parents and educatorsThe Education Ministry said that it has completed the first phase of consultation on school uniform, which was carried out among state school students. The consultation will now continue with parents and educators.

They will be asked to give their opinion on whether they are in favour of the uniform as it stands now, or for a tracksuit. The Consultation opens today and will continue until next Monday.

1605 students in middle and secondary schools took part in the first phase of the consultation, the Ministry said. The majority of these students – 91% – in favour of a tracksuit, while 5% chose the current uniform and 4% opted for other ideas.

The Education Ministry said that around 300 students from 20 primary schools were also consulted through focus groups. In every focus group from 10 to 33 students took part, where 256 students, equivalent to 85%, chose the tracksuit and 44 students, or 15%, chose the current uniform.

If it is decided that the tracksuit is the preferred uniform, the Ministry said that there should be a phasing-in of the new uniform so that there is no extra financial burden on the parents.

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