Storm damage to water seabed pipeline won’t affect Gozo consumers

Storm damage to water seabed pipeline won't affect Gozo consumersThe Water Services Corporation has advised that despite the damage caused by the storm to the seabed pipeline between Malta and Gozo, the water supply to consumers in Gozo will not be affected.

The Corporation added that the damage will be evaluated in the next few days once the seas are calm.

“Incidents such as this continue to demonstrate the need for Gozo to be independent of Malta for its water supply, the Reverse Osmosis Project at Hondoq is already underway with the drilling of 4 wells from which water will be pulled,” the WSC said.

The Corporation concluded by saying that “this investment, besides putting Gozo on the world map when it comes to clean and efficient technology, will also guarantee a secure water supply for Gozo, that in terms of quality, security, efficiency and sustainability, will be second to none.”

Photograph: WSC

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