Burger King Malta has reminded us all why they have ‘king’ in their name after announcing they will not automatically offer plastic straws and lids in their branches all around the island.

Plastic straws and lids are still available in their restaurants if requested, but the company has urged customers to join in with their No Straws Movement.

“In a drive to protect the environment, Burger King Malta are proud to champion a No Straws Movement across all its stores in Malta,” the company announced this week.

“We believe that every little counts, and Burger King is doing it one straw at a time. Unless requested by guests, Burger King will not be giving a straw and plastic lid with drinks served for consumption within the restaurant. Burger King urges their guests to join them in this meaningful journey.”

Pictured above: Turtles rejoicing around the world

Burger King is the latest culinary brand to ban plastic straws from their outlets in Malta

They join a number of other establishments, including the Corinthia Hotel, Talbot & Bons, Paradise at Exiles, as well as multiple restaurants run by Kitchen Concepts, that have taken steps to address their environmental footprint.

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