TOMORROW: A 58-Foot Yacht With An All-Woman Crew Is Bringing Female Empowerment To Malta

In celebration of girl’s education and female empowerment, Jarhead will be organising an event with a difference tomorrow at the Birgu Waterfront.

A group of five women called The Maiden Factor are currently touring the world in their sailing boat to spread the message that women too are able to navigate a sailing boat.

After having arrived in Malta earlier last week, these gals will be bidding farewell to the islands after being hosted by non-profit organisations Jarhead and Olwyn Foundation to spread the word that women can sail yachts too.

“Girls have big dreams for their lives, no matter where they live,” Tracy Edwards, owner and head of Maiden’s crew said.

“These dreams start and sadly for millions end with education. The poorest girls in the poorest countries get just three years of schooling. Over the past 15 years the international community has worked to get them six, then nine. But this is still not enough. It is not enough to meet the challenge of empowering women and girls. It is not enough to realise the full ambition of the new sustainable development agenda. And it is not enough for the millions of girls demanding more for their lives.”

The 58-foot long Maiden yacht and its all-female crew are expected to leave our island tomorrow, but not before a meet-up with some of Malta’s leading women.

The all-women crew has been sailing the world now for two whole years, on a mission to raise awareness and funds for educational projects for females around the world.

This isn’t the first time that the Maiden made waves; back in the 90s, the yacht crossed the finish line of the Whitbread Round the World Race. The crew became known as the first all-female crew to sail around the world. Their record is still unbeaten to this day, thanks to the support and help of King Hussein I of Jordan, who funded the whole project.

If you’re interested in tomorrow’s event, find more info on the official Facebook event page.

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