Small – Group Vittoriosa Shore Excursion


Small – Group Vittoriosa Shore Excursion tour description: When the knights of the Order of St. John came to Malta in 1530, they settled down in the harbor hamlet called Il- Birgu.

Here they built their first hospital, Auberges & also fortifications as they expected the Ottomans to attack. The Ottomans attacked in 1565, the knights won the siege which remained known in history as The Great Siege of 1565. After the victory, the town was renamed Vittoriosa, the victorious city.

In 1571 the Knights moved to Valletta, the new city which they themselves had built. Vittoriosa did not lose its importance as the Order’s fleet was stationed here. When Malta became a British Crown Colony in 1814, many of the buildings built by the knights now served the Royal Navy. Vittoriosa is a small town with a rich history.

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