Tune In At 8pm For Lovin Malta’s New Monthly Show: Kaxxaturi

Malta’s politicians are the lowest paid in Europe and their salaries haven’t changed for more than 10 years. You might feel this is what they deserve, but what does that tell you about the sort of politicians Malta has managed to attract? Isn’t it about time we sweeten the deal and demand more from our political class?

That’s the subject of the very first edition of Kaxxaturi, a new online show by Lovin Malta, hosted by Luca Amato. It will air on the last Thursday of every month and feature an in-depth takedown of an issue that needs your attention. Hopefully, it’ll also make you smile.

Tune in to Lovin Malta’s Facebook page at 8pm tonight to watch the first edition of Kaxxaturi.

If you have an idea for Kaxxaturi or a topic you’d love us to dissect, please email [email protected]

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