4 White Storks shot down in Malta, 2 more are missing

4 White Storks shot down in Malta, 2 more are missing

BirdLife Malta on Saturday morning, said that it can now confirm that four storks have been witnessed being shot and and another two are missing, “possibly also having met the same fate.”  It said that the remaining 12 storks have this morning been observed in different areas.

On Friday afternoon, 18 protected White Storks visited the Maltese Islands, three of the storks were confirmed shot down in Malta on Friday, BLM said.

BirdLife Malta said that at one point a member of the public witnessed a hunter shooting down three of the storks. “Two were collected but when the hunter realised he was being watched he left the third one behind.”

The NGO said that they think the storks are probably the same flock that were photographed leaving Pozzallo in Sicily on Thursday before migrating to Malta. They were spotted on Friday in Gozo and then later on in Malta in Rabat and Mdina.

BirdLife Malta said that the Administrative Law Enforcement (ALE) police unit was informed and “due to the lace of available Police” the Inspector himself arrived on site to recover the remaining  dead bird of the three witnessed as shot down.

Rabat police officers were monitoring a smaller flock from these 18 that have rested in the limits of Zebbug.

BirdLife Malta is calling on the public to keep an eye out for this flock of stork on Saturday and to inform them and the Police if they suspect any illegal hunting of these protected birds.

Photograph by BirdLife Malta

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