Updated: PN MPs mum on agenda for parliamentary group meeting
updated pn mps mum on agenda for parliamentary group meeting - Updated: PN MPs mum on agenda for parliamentary group meeting

The PN’s parliamentary group is meeting today at 1.30pm, the first time since the recent major electoral defeats.

The PN lost both the European Parliament and local council elections, and in the latter lost a number of PN strongholds.

The defeats have one again raised questions about Adrian Delia’s leadership, with calls for his resignation arriving from various quarters.


The Malta Independent had reported that the Parliamentary Group was considering meeting “with or without Delia”, since no meeting had been called.

Today’s meeting also follows another by the party executive committee last Saturday, during which Kevin Cutajar was unanimously approved to be co-opted to Parliament instead of David Stellini, who resigned. That decision did not come without controversy, as the committee had earlier chosen Jean Pierre Debono who later renounced the post after alleged voting irregularities were pointed out.

MPs walking into the PN headquarters for the meeting all preferred not to discuss the issues that will be debated at the meeting. They all said they preferred airing their views within the party structures.

MEP David Casa was more forthcoming, saying that he hoped that the electoral results as well as leadership issues will be discussed.

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