Watch: Delia files constitutional application over refused request for Egrant inquiry report

Watch: Delia files constitutional application over refused request for Egrant inquiry report

PN Leader Adrian Delia today filed a constitutional application, requesting that it be heard with urgency, over the Attorney General’s refusal to grant him a copy of the Egrant inquiry report.

The Egrant inquiry had found no evidence to substantiate Pilatus whistleblower Maria Efimova’s allegations that the Panamanian company named Egrant belonged to Michelle Muscat and was part of a $1.07 million transfer from the daughter of Azeri President Ilham Aliyev.


Delia, addressing the press outside the law courts, said that he had written to the Attorney General to requesting that he be granted a copy of the Bugeja inquiry, and a judicial protest was subsequently filed.

He said the inquiry report was not handed over and today he filed a constitutional application based on two main points.

Firstly, that there was a constitutional breach given that he, as the leader of the opposition, was not given the necessary information needed as the leader of the Opposition on this issue. The second, is a breach relating to the right to information.

He said this issue is creating a clear political unbalance, and that government has information the opposition does not have.

He said that he has requested that the case be heard with urgency, as with every day that passes an inequitable advantage is being given to the PL in government.

Delia also revealed that PN Media Head Pierre Portelli has been called in to be questioned by the police. He had delivered testimony during the Egrant inquiry.

Mr Justice Robert Mangio has been assigned to the case.

In reply, the Labour Party said Delia’s actions show that he has been taken over by the establishment he pledged to remove.

What he did outside the law courts is reminiscent of what his predecessor Simon Busuttil did. The Prime Minister has already said that the Egrant inquiry will be published in full, but this should be done without compromising the justice process. One must ask whether Delia’s intentions are to defend those who wer responsible for the frame-up, the PL said.

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