Head of PN media called in by the police after Egrant report

Head of PN media called in by the police after Egrant report

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Opposition leader Adrian Delia has presented an application before the Constitutional Court seeking a complete copy of the Egrant inquiry report.

Dr Delia said the report should be presented to the opposition so that it could fulfil its constitutional function, and in the interests of freedom of expression because expression had to be based on correct information.

The application follows objections to publication made by the attorney general.

Dr Delia called for the case to be heard with urgency and said the whole truth, not part of it, had to come out.

The PN leader also revealed that Pierre Portelli, head of the PN media, has been called for questioning by the police in the wake of the Egrant inquiry findings. Mr Portelli had given evidence before Magistrate Aron Bugeja during the inquiry.

Former FIAU manager Jonathan Ferris was interrogated by the police on Wednesday.

PL reaction

In a reaction, the Labour Party said the prime minister, more than anyone else, wanted the inquiry report to be published as soon as possible, but this could not be at the detriment of the course of justice. Did Dr Delia want haste so as to defend those involved in the frame-up against the prime minister?

The party observed that Dr Delia had not even been able to condemn MPs who called for the inquiry to be reopened.

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