WATCH: Malta’s Clean-Up Superstar Has Decided To Run For MEP

WATCH: Malta’s Clean-Up Superstar Has Decided To Run For MEP

watch maltas clean up superstar has decided to run for mep - WATCH: Malta’s Clean-Up Superstar Has Decided To Run For MEP

Camilla Appelgren first came to Malta in the summer of 1999, as an English-language student with EF, all the way from squeaky-clean Sweden. She then returned to Malta every summer, until permanently relocating here in 2011. Once settling here, she quickly became known for how vocal she was about the importance of cleaning up Malta’s environment and taking care of our island.

Today, Cami has announced that she will be campaigning as one of the Partit Demokratiku’s candidates for MEP

“Over the last few years the degradation of the environment has alarmingly increased. Many people seem to have given up fixing a broken system. We deserve to look to the future with hope and optimism, not sadness and despair. We need to have a good future for ourselves and our children. It’s time for us to realise that we should not settle for less.”

Since moving to Malta, Cami has organised countless clean-ups all over the island, which she coordinates through the Facebook page Malta Clean Up. She’s mobilised hundreds of people over the island and has been one of the environmentalists popularising clean-ups and informing the public of the dangers of single-use plastics and unsustainable living.

She’s now taking her move to fight for the environment up a notch, by stepping into the world of politics.

“It has became clear to me that as long as the policies and legislation being made aren’t working in the long-term and best interests of the people, then the work of activists is only getting harder and our effort won’t keep having the effect it could have.”

Cami is hoping to mobilise more environmental activists through this move, issuing a call for all citizens and residents who love our islands to step up and join her in a force for political renewal.

“I strongly believe that leaders should eat last at the table and that the success of a leader is seeing others shine and succeed. Being responsible in everything we do is a must. And therefore I call on you to join me in this new political force and assist to revitalize our Europe.”

Cami will be joining Anthony Buttigieg and Martin Cauchi Inglott in the campaign to fill one of Malta’s seats in the European Parliament. If elected as an MEP, Cami plans to prioritise climate change, dealing with the global plastic problem, and ensuring a green economic revolution, and getting the best possible deal as a centre for innovation.

“Malta can prove to Europe that change is possible to save our planet, and Malta can lead the way as the very best.”

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