Watch: More than a week after mega-storm, thousands of dead fish filmed in St Paul’s Bay

More than one week after a weekend of rain, rough seas and strong winds hit Malta in what was described one of the worst storms to ever hit Malta, thousands of dead fish have been filmed close to the shore at St Paul’s Bay.

On the days of the storm, footage of people braving the weather to pick up fish that ended up on the road in Xemxija made it to both the local and international media.

Now, days after the storm subsided, hundreds of dead fish have been filmed by Raniero Borg in the same area.

In a short note accompanying the footage uploaded on Facebook, Borg writes: Thousands of dead fish found around St.Paul`s Bay and Xemxija. These fish have to be picked up as soon as possible. I think they are a hazard to our health and sea. At the moment they can be removed very easily because they are still floating.

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