WATCH: Parents Call Out ‘Diabolical’ PSCD Lessons After Daughter Is Taught About Sexual Diversity In Year Six

WATCH: Parents Call Out ‘Diabolical’ PSCD Lessons After Daughter Is Taught About Sexual Diversity In Year Six

watch parents call out diabolical pscd lessons after daughter is taught about sexual diversity in year six - WATCH: Parents Call Out 'Diabolical' PSCD Lessons After Daughter Is Taught About Sexual Diversity In Year Six

The parents of a Maltese Year 6 student have taken to social media to open up about their thoughts on how and what their daughter is being taught about sexuality diversity in her PSCD lessons.

“I am concerned for our children, not just my daughter but the children of Malta and Gozo,” said Mrs Farrugia in her video. A former PSCD teacher herself, she says that while she used to discuss sexuality with her students as well, it didn’t include the “filth” being taught in today’s lessons.

“Yes, we talked about sexuality, but not this filth, these diabolical lessons. I was surprised, I was shocked at what diabolical lessons, what dirty, naughty lessons are in this book for 10-year-olds that, starting from my daughter, have no idea what is being shown to them, and we as parents have absolutely no interest in showing our children,” she says.

She explains that after finding out what the PSCD lessons revolved around, she asked for her daughter to be exempted from the class

However, after one week, she says the PSCD teacher contacted her and asked her to email the Education Department as she wasn’t allowed to just remove her child from PSCD as she pleased, unlike subjects like religion.

Mrs Farrugia says she went to the school to find out more about the lessons and the specific workbook being used, but was instead “bullied and abused” by the teacher and headmistress, who raised their voices at her and didn’t let her voice her concerns.

They then showed her the activity book that was being used in the lessons.

“The book features people introducing themselves as gay,” she explains, “wearing their underwear, introducing themselves as gay superheroes, to our children. I want to ask, what education have we gotten to, to teach 10 years old this? What do I care about someone in their underwear? What obligation do we have to teach this to our children? And what right does the government or whoever is teaching this to teach our children these diabolical things?”

“Another thing, in this book,” she continued, “there’s a conversation between a boy and girl that look about 11 or 12 years old in the photo. They discuss how the boy feels when they are near each other, how he feels when she is near him and when she is pushing on him, and the same for her. This is what is being taught in PSCD in Year Six.”

Her husband took to Facebook to clarify some points following a strong online reaction to his wife’s video

In his video, he said that teaching such topics at such a young age was taking away the “innocence” of the children, saying that these things should be taught slowly and at the right time.

He also said he had nothing against anyone, be they gay or a headteacher, saying they were more open-minded than most, and said that it was questionable that the book being used to teach wasn’t being shown to parents outside of school.

There were mixed reactions to the videos

Some people agreed with the parents: “My absolute admiration and respect towards this family for speaking out. This indoctrination of our future generations, is fueled by extreme liberal dogmas under the guise of “progressiveness”. Let us be a more socially responsible society, we should be able to differentiate between being “tolerant” and “normalizing what is tolerated”, while clearly defining where the red line lies.”

While others did not: “It’s clearly an anti gay campaign! My boys had the same book in Year 6 and what your wife is portraying is totally different than the truth. There are no nude pictures in this book for one. There are illustrations drawn which are age appropriate. And to call learning about different sexualities diabolical is very extreme. I hope for their sake none of their children will grow up to be gay cause I don’t think they will be very happy with their sexuality being compared to something diabolical.”

What do you think about the teaching of sexual diversity to Maltese children?

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