Watch: ‘This is our country, if they don’t like it…’

Watch: ‘This is our country, if they don’t like it…’

watch this is our country if they dont like it - Watch: 'This is our country, if they don't like it...'

Video: Matthew Mirabelli

Where does a 22-year-old Maltese Muslim woman go when she is sent back to her country by fellow countrymen?

“Go back to your country” is one of the phrases – usually strung with expletives – that is often thrown at Sara Ezabe, a law student.

But the racist comments targeting the anti-hate activist who has been listed among Forbes’ top ’30 under 30’, does not always go unnoticed.

In a landmark judgement in January, a man who had been acquitted of incitement to racial hatred towards Ms Ezabe through a foul-mouthed post was handed a suspended sentence.

Ms Ezabe urges those who spew hate to use language as a means of communication and not to insult others. The latter, she notes, is quite pointless.

She hopes that people will one day realise that religious beliefs do not define one’s nationality, especially in an ever-changing globalised world.

Ms Ezabe is participating in a Times of Malta #stophate speech campaign which for the past weeks has seen personalities reading out the hate messages they receive on social media.

The project also seeks to raise awareness of the impact hate speech can have on its recipients and the responsibilities that come with freedom of speech.

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