​Bold Adrian Delia Heads Into The Storm To Face His Fiercest Critics On Xarabank
, ​Bold Adrian Delia Heads Into The Storm To Face His Fiercest Critics On Xarabank

You can say what you like about Adrian Delia but the man certainly has a gritty resolve. In the midst of the most tumultuous chapter of his political career, the Opposition leader has agreed to go on Xarabank this Friday to debate some of his harshest critics.

These are the people he will be debating against:

Franco Debono: – The vociferous criminal lawyer and former Nationalist MP has often criticised the PN’s administration, recently calling out the party’s political coordinator Jean Pierre Debono as the common factor behind the PN’s electoral losses in recent years.

David Thake: – Once a darling of the PN media, Thake has made it amply clear that he believes Delia should resign, recently calling on PN officials to “grow balls” and challenge his position.

Wayne Hewitt: The former PN Gżira councillor has called on Delia to resign in the wake of the PN’s recent electoral disaster and has described the subsequent co-option drama involving Jean Pierre Debono and Kevin Cutajar as “shameful”.

Jeremy Camilleri: A former General Workers’ Union official, Camilleri is a passionate advocate for liberal values and migrants’ rights and will surely have a few things to say about the PN’s anti-foreigner rhetoric during the MEP election campaign.

George Tabone: A Labour supporter, Tabone has said that the only solution to the PN’s woes is that it splits into two parties.

It’s fair to say that sparks will fly on Friday and that Delia will need to be on the top of his game to come out looking strong. With internal criticism swirling around him, will this debate define the Opposition leader’s fate?

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