11 People Arrested In St Julian’s In Police’s Latest Weed Bust
11 people arrested in st julians in polices latest weed bust - 11 People Arrested In St Julian’s In Police’s Latest Weed Bust

Police arrested 11 people in St Julian’s yesterday in two separate cannabis busts, involving collaboration between officers from the Sliema and St Julian’s district police, the Dog Section and the Immigration Section.

The first case involved two young Latvian nationals, aged 20 and 22, and a 33-year-old Spanish woman, who were arrested after police received information that they were trafficking cannabis from an apartment in Triq Dragonara.

Police visited their apartment, dogs and all, and found cannabis in their bedroom as well as other “objects related to drug trafficking” in their house. Photos published by the police show that these objects are grinders, bongs and small weighing scales.

In the second case, police arrested eight Somali nationals at Spinola Garden after noticing one of them allegedly selling drugs. Police interrogated them and carried out a search in the garden, as well as a residence in Triq Schreiber, St Julian’s, which led them to the discovery of more cannabis, as well as a pair of weighing scales.

Photo left: Police interrogate a group of Somali nationals at Spinola Garden, Photo right: The cannabis and related objects found in the apartment in Triq Dragonara. Photo credit: CMRU 

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